Beetles and Bugs Wild Flower Seed Paper Card

Beetles and Bugs Wild Flower Seed Paper Card


Let your card live on in your garden with our gorgeous Seed Paper Card. This recycled paper is embedded with wild flower seeds so that when its finished looking beautiful on your mantelpiece, it can look gorgeous in the garden and bring life to the beetles and bees.

Seeds include: Catchfly, Daisy, Poppy, Sweet Alyssum, Spurred Snapdragon and Black-eyed Susan.

Featured in this design are hand drawn, unique illustrations of wonderfully colourful bugs, ranging from the lovely large stag beetle to the petite pink ladybird.

Cards are A6 size and provided with a recyclable envelope!


To plant your card simply follow these steps:

  1. Hold the paper under running water and give it a good soak.

  2. Place the paper on top of a pot of compost (tear it ip to smaller bits if you’d like!).

  3. Cover with a thin layer of compost and water again!

  4. Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.

Don’t let it dry out and keep watering for the first week but then be careful not to water after that. Once you have seedlings you can transfer to a bigger pot or grown on outdoors!

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