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Being involved in someone’s wedding is an amazing part of my job. I love getting to know the couples, their family and even on occasion their pets in the process. However, for a bride and groom to be, the wedding stationery can feel like another overwhelming task with too many options and decisions that they feel may ultimately impact their precious day… enter Orange Pippin. We’ve got you covered and this is certainly not our first rodeo. From the first seeds of your ideas to the very day itself, we help with the whole process and help to take the stress away. One of the questions I get asked most is “how does it all work?” so I thought a guide to wedding stationery would be the best way to answer this question for anyone wondering the same thing.

Wedding Stationery Orange Pippin
  1. Let’s Get Started

As soon as someone gets in touch with us, they are sent out a price list which shows all of the possible options we offer for stationery design and at this stage we also offer to pull together a no obligation quote for the print as well. We have a handful of cherry picked printers that we use and trust to deliver beautiful stationery and depending on the number of guests as well as whether you just want a simple invite or perhaps a map, information card, bellyband and sticker including - the price can vary quite a bit. We work to your budget and find something that will suit your tastes and your purse. We will also look at your deadline and work out a schedule for making sure everything can be posted out at the right time.

Once you’re comfortable with the costs we discuss the brief. Here we have a good chat about your likes and dislikes.. and not always just for stationery. Understanding your colour schemes, bridesmaid dresses, venue decisions and all sorts help put together a picture of who you are as a couple and what will suit your day. I don’t care what any grumpy guests say - no two weddings are the same because no two couples are the same. Sometimes people want all the foils and floral options, and other times understated speaks to you as a pair.

2. The Big Reveal

This first reveal of designs is very exciting. There will be a collection to choose from that I have designed based on our conversations but also introducing a few extra bits that make the design stand out or that were missing until the design began. I try to give a breadth of choice within your style as sometimes the idea you started with can morph into something you hadn’t imagined yet. From here you can pick and choose the parts you like; perhaps the colour scheme from the first design with the wording from the third, or you like the hand lettering on design two but the illustrations from the fourth - its entirely up to you.

Orange Pippin Wedding Stationery

3. Tweaking To Your Tastes

As the stationery develops, the design gets tweaked and rolled out across all other items. Making changes where needs be and introducing elements and information you suddenly remember in the middle of the night. We will also gather samples of paper to get the right thickness and texture as well as choosing envelopes or special touches to bring the whole thing together. We will work until the design is perfect and approved, finally sending the artwork to print.

4. Voila!

The stationery is signed, sealed and delivered to you. Before it reaches your doorstep it will have taken a detour to me so that I can check it over and collate anything that you need me to. Envelope liners are added, bellybands attached or ribbons tied and if you have chosen for me to hand letter your envelopes, this will have been done as well. The final package will be sent over to you ready for you to post or hand out to those lucky guests.

5. We Don’t Have To Say Goodbye

We don’t have to part ways just yet! Once the invitations have been sent out I am still here ready to start the next part of your wedding stationery journey should you choose. Now that a style has been established and I understand your tastes, we can get to work on your On The Day items. This can include the menu, order of service, welcome board, seating plan, table numbers, place cards and even “toilets this way” signs - anything you will actually be seeing on the day.

Orange Pippin Order of Service Wedding Stationery
Orange Pippin Wedding Menu

The same process will apply in that I create a few versions and we tweak and adjust until everything is perfect. I hand letter names and design the signs before packing these and sending them on their way, along with my well wishes for you to have the most magical day

So there you have it! From start to finish, a condensed version of how the process works. Your engagement is a very special time but it can be full of decisions and I understand that you will be delving into a world of paper choices, colour palettes and ribbons that perhaps you’ve not ventured into before. We love to be involved and help make the process enjoyable and exciting, we certainly feel that we do a good job but don’t just take our word for it… take a look at the reviews on our wedding section to see what our clients thought about working with us!



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